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How to add teachers in PracticeNow and access to Zoom

Adding a teacher to your account

Go to Studio Info -> Team and add the teacher.

The teacher would then need to verify their account. An email would be sent to them for this purpose. While verifying their account, they will be setting up their own password. Alternatively, they can use "Reset password" in Sign-in page and set their password.

Once the teacher logs in at using their email id and password, they will see the "Upcoming classes" page with the classes that are scheduled for them. They just need to click on the "Start now" button. This would open up the Zoom.

How will the teacher become a host in a Zoom meeting?

This is done by using the "Claim Host" feature in Zoom
The "Claim Host" feature allows teachers to become hosts without you having to share your Zoom credentials with them.
Here's how it works:

Updated on: 26/06/2024

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