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Message to be sent to the Student for Registering in PracticeNow [For Zoom users]

Message to be sent to your Students for registering in PracticeNow

Dear students,

We'll be using a new product called PracticeNow for our Zoom classes.

PracticeNow makes Zoom classes more secure & easy to use than our current process.

What you need to do

Click here: <YourStudioName> & click on 'Register'
Fill Form & verify e-mail id
Login & click "Join" to attend classes

Recommended - If you are using a gmail id - please use "sign up with Google" for 2 click registration.

For fee payment - Click on the Fee tab and make the payment. This would ensure that you have an active subscription to access your sessions.

Those who have paid the fees, kindly do not make the payment now.

What email id / password do I use?

You can use GMail/Yahoo/Hotmail. Use a simple and secure password.

Why should I sign up?

This will make it easy for you. No more Zoom links or passwords.

It's also safer. Since everyone is signed-up before attending classes, you won't have issues with hackers during our classes.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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