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Automated E-mails that go to a student

Emails sent to students from PracticeNow

Here's a list of emails that sent to the student automatically:

Welcome Email [As soon as the student Registers into the student site]
Payment link [When a manual subscription is created with a payment link]
Invoice receipt [After self check-out or payment is done by the student]

Following are the automated reminder messages:

Notification of Expiry of Subscription - When the student has just 2 classes left or 3 days left for the plan to end.
Notification of Expired subscription - When the subscription has expired for the student due to exhaustion of their classes or end of their term

Any changes in the following would send an automated message from the system to the students:

Any change made to the Student's subscription by the admin [incl. start and end dates, no of classes, change of plan]
When a scheduled class is cancelled
When you edit and change the teacher/time/description of the class and click on Notify all.

Check-in related emails

[For personal classes only] Whenever the student checks-in for a personal classes, an email is sent along with the classes left in their subscription.
[For personal classes only] Whenever the student misses a class, and the class is marked as a no-show, the student is notified of this.

Custom messages

Messaging module: Any custom message that the teacher composes and sends out to a certain segment of students from the admin console.
This can be done here: Students -> Messages -> Create a new message

Updated on: 14/03/2022

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