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How to give free classes for students?

Create a new manual subscription: Subscriptions -> New
First select the student and the service [For example: "Group Classes"]

If the student is not yet registered, ask the student to register on the student site:

Choose a plan and the term.

You can choose any plan and term here - and then override the actual values in the future steps

You'll now see that the remaining fields are automatically filled in with default values. But you can override all of the fields with your desired values.
Since you want to offer these classes as free, enter the amount as INR 0 [or in the currency of your choice].
Review the remaining fields and submit the form.
NOTE: You'll be asked to review the values one more time. If everything looks okay, go ahead and hit "Confirm"
That's it. The chosen student now has access to the free classes you wanted to offer them.

Updated on: 29/01/2021

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