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[Write-up] Freezing of Active subscriptions

Freezing of active subscriptions at studio level

Freezing of active subscriptions are available at studio level only

In case you are cancelling all the classes for a day or many days, then you can freeze the active subscriptions.

This would mean that the subscription would automatically extended for students with those no of days.

For freezing, you can write to us at

1. Start date & End date of freezing [i.e. when do you intend to restart your class]
2. Confirm that you have changed the subscription start date [In your plans] if the freezing is to happen for more than a couple of days

Deleting all the classes during this period - This is automatically done by the system when we freeze from the back end.

If you do not want your classes to be deleted during the freezing period, please do let us know.

Once you send us the above details, we would freeze it immediately.

Freezing a particular plan or class or students

You cannot freeze a particular plan or class or students in the system.

In case, you want to extend for only specific students, then you can edit their subscription and change the end date.
This would mean that they would be eligible to take their classes left within that period.


Unfreezing automatically happens after that particular period.

In case you want to start your classes earlier i.e. before your freezing period ends, then the student check-in automatically unfreezes the subscription for that student.
If you would like to unfreeze for all the students, before the freezing period ends, then you can let us know and we would do that for you.

Updated on: 21/09/2023

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