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Reconciliation between the amount received and credited in your bank account

How to reconcile between the amount received from your students and credited in your bank account:

Only when the amount is paid does a subscription get created in the system.

However, only when you access your RazorPay dashboard would you know whether it is settled or not.

Ideally, there should be a reconciliation statement in the system itself [between the amt received and settled] and it's already in the pipeline.

Having said that, here is an easier method,

Check the amount from the Subscriptions -> Full History
Here you can filter using the Invoice Start date and end date.
You can download the CSV file if required
You can check these transaction-wise in RazorPay dashboard - The order would be more or less the same as the CSV file
If they would have said settled - It should have gotten credited to your account
You can check the same in your bank account as they make the payment in a lumpsum.

Here's how you access your RazorPay dashboard: Click on this link

Updated on: 13/12/2022

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