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Manual Subscriptions

When do you create a Manual Subscription?

When you receive an amount personally from the student [i.e. not through self-subscription]
When you would like to give few classes for Free for a student
When you would want to give the classes at a discounted rate for a specific student
When you would like to send links for Payment for the classes [incl personal, group, workshops and videos]
Partial payment - when you want to give option to a specific student for paying partial amounts/installments

How to create Manual Subscriptions?

Students -> All Students -> Search for <the Student Name> or click on the Name of the student -> Create Subscription [Green button on the top]


Go to Subscriptions -> New

Step 1: Enter Student Details

Step 2: Enter Plan Details:

The system will automatically pick up today's date or the date of the next subscription.
The end date would be calculated as per the term of the plan.
You would can edit the start and end dates in case you want to give it for few days or customize the dates for a specific student.
[This is not applicable for Personal classes]

Step 3: Enter Billing cycle amount

The Billing amount would be automatically taken as per the Plan.
For Free classes, you can edit the Billing amount to "0".
For discounted price, you can edit the billing amount with the discounted pricing.

For Personal classes - Add the amount here.

Purchase made in external platform - Check this only if you do not want the Student to receive the invoice/acknowledgement of Payment.
This means that the invoice/acknowledgement of payment would be generated but not be sent to the student. The student would still be able to access the receipt on their site.

Step 4: Enter Payment Details

Select Offline:
If you have already received the payment personally [incl. netbanking, gpay, paytm etc].
For partial payment/installment, here you would mention the actual amount received. eg The Billing amount is 2000 and you have received Rs. 1300, then mention Rs 1300 here.

Select Payment Gateway:
If you would like to send payment link to your students to make payment, then select this option.
This is used for Personal class payments, group classes, workshops and video.
A razorpay link is automatically sent to the student by e-mail to make the payment.

Updated on: 31/10/2022

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