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Parallel Subscriptions

The student can take parallel subscriptions when for the same service:

There are 2 different independent plans.
Classes associated with these 2 plans are not overlapping.


Scenario 1:

Plan 1: Hatha plan
Plan 2: Pranayama plan

If people buy Hatha plan, they can attend only Asana classes, and people buying the Pranayama plan can attend only Pranayama classes.

You do not allow people with Hatha plans the flexibility to join pranayama classes.

In this scenario, 2 subscriptions can be active at the same time in parallel.

Scenario 2:

Plan 1: Hatha plan incl Pranayama
Plan 2: Pranayama plan

If people buy Hatha plan, they can attend say some pranayama classes [say on Mondays that you have associated with this plan]

People buying Pranayama plan can join all the pranayama classes [incl say the Monday's session]

A student has already purchased Hatha plan. He bought the Pranayama plan, and it will now show as Upcoming., since the Monday pranayama classes are overlapping

In this case, you would need to create a separate combo plan - Hatha+Pranayama.

Say a student wants to upgrade, they can pay you the difference amount and then you can change their plan name by editing their subscription. This way your students will be able to join both Hatha and Pranayama classes at the same time.

Updated on: 07/10/2023

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